create a poor man's livecd

In my early days of using Mandrake there was a tool created called Mklivecd. The creation of this tool allowed distributions like PCLinuxOS, Amarok Live CD, and many other Mandrake spin-offs to get their start. You could simply install Mandrake (now Mandriva) do changes manually to the system and then snapshot those changes, creating a install-able LiveCD. Mklivecd was written in Perl and used various Perl modules that were exclusively used by Mandrake as part of their drakxtools configuration suite. [Read More]

Should I bother with 32Bit?

it could be fun!

In working with the NoCSD package (gtk3-nocsd) a user requested be installed on the XFCE Beta release it came to my attention it needed a 32Bit lib built. So for the last few days when I could muster up some time I have been working on a 32Bit Fedora docker build so I can use it to build a 32bit lib. In my opinion this route would be more easy then trying to make sure all the 32Bit libs are installed in a 64bit environment. [Read More]

Applications for XFCE

Your suggestions wanted

Daily now I have been building XFCE ISOs and doing various tweaks. At this point they are usable, but still rough around the edges. Things are starting to come together however and with that I think it’s time to look at what applications we want on the XFCE ISO. We could easily just copy another great Spin like Korora, just use the defaults etc. but it is not my point to create a Fedora or Korora clone. [Read More]

New Discussion Board is up

A New discussion board is being worked on and is currently up to test. Check it out and maybe leave your feedback, about it or the latest XFCE ISO posted :) You can find it here, or by clicking Discussion under the Communicate Menu

The XFCE ISO is the first to be built

More will come

Currently we are in the process of building and testing XFCE ISOs. Not only does this allow us the opportunity to get some simple testing and theming done it also allows us to test our build system and add various base packages that will be required for all ISOs. If you would like to test and leave your feedback go to the downloads menu at the top right of the page and click on ISOs. [Read More]